Frequently asked questions:

What is considered a complete game of Zeke's Gold Grab?

A full game of ZGG consists of multiple rounds. A round is finished when everyone has played all the cards from thier hands and the draw pile is empty.

Why is the 10 card worth more gold points than an 11 or 12?

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Tips and Strategies:

How to make the best use of the Burro card.

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Best time to play a Fool's Gold card.

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Variations and House Rules:

Challenge! Do you really not have a trick color.

If you think you opponent(s) may not be the most trustworthy? Are they playing a special card when they actually can follow the trick color. Of course you need a penalty if they voilated the rule and one if your challenge was unfounded. For example:
1) you can exchange any card from their hand.
2) they have to do the dishes

Play Earthquake card at any time.

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Swap all cards in you hand.

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