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What is considered a complete game of Zeke's Gold Grab?

Make no mistake, a game of Zeke's Gold Grab is NOT done after just one dealing of the cards! A full game of "ZGG" consists of multiple rounds. A round is finished when everyone has played all the cards from their hands and the draw pile is empty. Please refer to the "Winning The Game" section of the instructions for how to score multiple rounds. And feel free to download and print the score sheet from this page to making keeping track of your gold easy. It is perfectly acceptable to count your gold while your sittin' at the table.

Why is the 10 card worth more gold points than an 11 or 12?

This is done to make things more "interesting". Because the 10 is worth more than an 11 or 12 you might work harder to protect it. If a card has both a high face value and high gold value you might play it without hesitation. But before playing a 10 card you may want to be sure there is not someone with an 11 or 12 just waiting to grab it!

What do you do if everyone has one card left and the card led is an earthquake?

Referring to the instructions, specialty situation #1 applies, meaning the next color played would determine the lead color. Everyone plays their last card. The winner of the trick takes the cards. Because nobody would have any more cards, there is not an earthquake exchange of cards.

Tips and Strategies

How best to use the Burro card.

We think the ultimate use of the Burro card is to play it to protect a 10. For example, someone leads with a red 11 and the only red card you have is a red 10. Well, you don't want to give them 10 gold points! If you have a Burro card you can play it so you don't have to. Once again Burro carries the load and helps you out.

Best time to play a Fool's Gold card.

We like to save the -10 and -15 Fool's Golds to play on the person that is currently winning the game. The only problem with this approach is that it is usually us:).

Variations and House Rules

I challenge! Do you really not have the lead color?

Do you think your opponent(s) may not be the most trustworthy? Are they playing a special card when they actually can follow the lead color. Challenge them! Of course you need a penalty if they violated the rule and one if your challenge was unfounded. For example:
1) The person that wins the challenge can swap any card from the person that didn't win the challenge. Let's refer to that person as the loser.
2) The loser has to do the dishes. 3) The loser gets 20 points deducted from their point total.
Or any other penalty. Maybe make them up on the fly at the beginning of each challenge.

Play Earthquake card at any time.

Instead of only playing the earthquake when you can not follow the lead color of the trick, play it even when you can.

Swap all cards in you hand.

If the Earthquake card is played, swap all cards in your hands instead of just two.

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